Work in Progress #1 – Koolhaas by Jared Flood. Interweave Knits 2007.


This yarn started out as Foliage, a beautiful pattern which vexed me to no end. Let’s just say that A ended up rescuing my yarn and needles from the front yard after I had finally had enough of trying to start a hat from the top down. I hadn’t even got to the leaf pattern yet, so I figured if I was having such problems with just eight little stitches, I should cut my losses there and start on something new. (Thank you A, I really do love that yarn.)

Monday I searched through Ravelry and decided on Koolhaas. Many thanks to the Ravelry tips pointing to Grumperina and her excellent tutorials on cabling without a cable needle (my hand written cheat sheet can be seen in the picture above). Yesterday evening was spent learning this great technique which has helped with this pattern tremendously. I finished row 5 of the chart before I went to bed, then when I went to pick up the pattern this morning, I realized I had forgotten to change to larger sized needles when I changed from the ribbing to the cable pattern. I am now on row 2.

The only thing I am worried about at this point is how the colors in the yarn are pooling in the hat. Hopefully now that I’ve switched to a cable pattern it will use up the yarn at a different rate and variegate differently. Cross your fingers for me.