I was at my grandparent’s yesterday and saw a cute photo from when I was a little girl.  You’ve got to click the photo and see what it says on the back of those pants!

My aunt was at UCLA when I was a little girl and made sure everyone knew who her niece was supporting.  There are more pictures of me in cute Bruin gear that I’ll post as I find them.  They crack me up, especially since I don’t have any memory of any of them.  I do have lots of memories of spending time with my grandpa, though, just like in this photo.  I’m sure he was either fixing something for me or I was “helping” him fix or build something.

I love both sets of my grandparents so much.  I am grateful I live close to them and get to see them more often than a lot of people get to see their grandparents (including all the rest of my siblings).