So it’s getting a little hot here in So Cal. Not that this isn’t a normal yearly occurrence. We just have never dealt with a southern California summer without an air conditioner before. We’ve been pretty blessed to have what seems like a pretty mild spring – lots of rain, cool temperatures, nice breezes, etc. We were feeling pretty confident about our ability to deal with the heat “when it came.” Well, it came all right.

This was in our living room. I’ve been feeling like a fried egg since the middle of last week. We do have a whole house fan and some ceiling fans, which do help out, but right at about five o’clock, I’m feeling pretty miserable. Thank goodness it’s starting to cool down a little.

With all this heat, It’s a good thing we have so many good ice cream and frozen yogurt places around. I am a total frozen treat junkie. My current favorite is Pinkberry frozen yogurt.

This stuff is go-o-od. I’m a fan of the original (plain flavor) with strawberries, bananas, and almonds. The pomegranate arils are also pretty good. We used to live close enough to ride our bikes if we felt like it, but now the closest one is ten minutes away.  Bummer.  I did make the drive to get some last week while Aaron was gone, though.  It was totally worth it.