I’ve had a lot to post about, just not a lot of time to do it. Not if my house is ever going to get clean (which I’m giving up on, or else this blog would definitely shut down).

So, what’s been going on. First off, some finished objects from Mother’s Day.

A dishcloth for my grandma:

And a Rooster Potholder for my MIL:

I made this one by knitting two identical dishcloths, one in cream and one in red, then whipstitching the two together. It turned out pretty well and I’m planning on using this technique again later on.

(Links and pattern info are falling into the same category as the house cleaning: “Stuff I’ll do later or else I’d never blog.”)

I have one more Mother’s Day present I’ve been trying to finish up that I’ll post about later.  I know, I know, Mother’s Day was weeks ago. Luckily, this grandma has been out of town and I’ve been given a slight reprieve.

I’ve also been knitting a Plain Vanilla pair of socks with my Scout’s Swag sock club yarn.

This is not a colorway I would normally pick out on my own, but I’m totally loving it. Very spring.  Good benefit of a being in a sock club, getting colors you wouldn’t choose yourself. Thanks Scout!

I took this picture and then frogged the sock as it was entirely too big (even for Aaron, but he wouldn’t wear them even if they did fit, way too “girly” colors). I’m using the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe for the first time, plus these are also the first socks I’ve knit on my own, without any help, and its the first time I’ve used sock weight (or fingering) yarn for socks, so I’m learning a lot as I go along. I’ve since restarted with 16 fewer cast on stitches and they look like they will fit. I also switched to 3 dpns when I started over and started getting ladders, so I switched back to 4 dpns and that seems to have fixed the problem. In the next picture I take and post I’ll point out what I’m talking about. So far, reasonably good, though.

I have a whole Memorial Day story to tell y’all, but I really need to get working on the house. Plus, we’re going to “the river” (the Colorado for anyone who cares) tomorrow and I haven’t even started packing or getting food and gear together. Someone needs to come over to my house and kick me in the rear. Well, at least I got a blog post done. That’s something, right!