We were going to go to the beach, but it looked like it was only going to be 60 degrees, which is way too cold to be sitting in sand. We decided to go fishing instead. Aaron had seen a spot on a ride a few weeks before he wanted to try out. He told me it was only a 1/2 mile hike in.

When we stopped for gas and snacks I asked Aaron how long until we get there. I meant until we park the truck and start hiking. He thought I meant until we get to the road to turn off on. He said 15 minutes. An hour later:

He thought he knew where the spot was. Apparently, “on a motorcycle it’s really easy to find.” Well, in a truck, not so much. We drove around all these little dirt roads looking for the trail he had seen leading down to the creek. We could see the creek, we just couldn’t find the trail. We finally gave up, parked at the end of one of the roads, and decided we’d just climb down the hill to the pools at the bottom. It was a lot steeper than it looked. Plus there were rattlesnakes. I was not impressed.

We pretty much slid our way to the bottom, digging the sides of our boots in to keep from falling of the hill. It was that steep. At the bottom my boots were filled with sand and pebbles.

The pools were pretty much what you would call “inaccessible.” We had to cross the creek many times to get to the different places to fish and to move upstream. My boots and pants were soaked, plus my pants were a little too big for me so the added weight of the water made keep them sliding down.

(Can’t you see how pleased I am?) We ended up tying our boots to the back of Aaron’s backpack for most of the day. Aaron had a good time fishing. He ended up catching three fish (which all got away).

At least we got pictures first. After the first one jumped off the hook I told him to wait until I had the stringer in before he tried to take the hook out of the second one.

Do you think he listened?

Pretty nice for natives, huh? I wasn’t so lucky. I didn’t get any bites and my pole was a little messed up, which was frustrating.

We saw two sets of ducks. A pair:

and a mommy and her ducklings. They were so cute and we were surprised none of them flew away, even when we were casting into their space. I’m sorry I didn’t get better pictures of them.

What else. Oh yeah, I fell in the river. Not all the way in, but I was barefoot and ended up cutting my foot. And even though it was only a 1/2 mile down to the creek (straight down), it was 7 miles back to the truck.

We knew we couldn’t climb back up the hill we hiked (slid) down, so we had to climb up the hill on the left of this picture (pretty steep, there were parts we thought we weren’t going to make), then follow a trail that was at the top of the hill for a few miles, then cross the hills in between that hill and the hill we parked the truck on. My pants were falling down the whole way.

On the way home Aaron asked if I had a good time. What do you think? It only would have been a good time if I actually would have caught some fish. And maybe not even then. But I did enjoy spending time with my husband and being outdoors. I just wasn’t quite ready for that much of an adventure. Needless to say, we are definitely not fishing there again.