Hey blog, did ya miss me? It’s been one heck of a summer. 3 whole months have passed since I blogged last (oh no, someone’s gonna yell at me)! I’m surprised you’re still here! I’ll use the excuse of an unbelievably busy summer, as opposed to the alternate explanation, which is I’m just lazy and a bad blogger. I might be a bad blogger, but I definitely was not lazy this summer. So much went on I have no idea where to start.

When we last saw each other, I had just gotten a haircut (which I started to dislike soon after I posted that pic) and have since gotten another, similar haircut (trying to fix the first one), which I like only slightly better. But, it’s just hair, it grows back, and it’s never really been one of my strongest features anyways.

Anyways, I made a list of everything we did this summer and, man, I don’t think I’m going to get it all blogged about! My three youngest brothers were here while my parents went to the Bahamas, and then two of them stayed for most of the summer to work. Aaron went on a few motorcycle and fishing trips, although not as many as he would have like to. We watched hours and hours of the Olympics and went on a bunch of trips. I didn’t get much crafting done, but I hope to get a lot done this fall. I have a bunch of projects planned out, including two half done sweaters that I’d really like to be able to wear during the very short California “sweater season.”

I’m hoping to get pictures posted and more details up in the next couple weeks. I haven’t even started looking through what we’ve taken this summer. I’m a notoriously bad photo taker, so we’ll have to see if there are even any good ones.