They do say a thousand words, don’t they?  Let’s hope so, because we all know I’m not going to.

I took my brothers to Disneyland for their first trip ever (they’re in high school or older, can you believe it!).   Not many pics, but we did take this one of our picture on the photo screen  after we rode Space Mountain.  Pretty funny, huh?  I’m not really that scared, my face just does that on roller coasters (and up-and-down — otherwise known as hilly — roads).  It’s been a lifelong problem.  Hey, just showing I can laugh at myself.  You can’t really tell here but my brother had pretty massive hair when he got off the ride.  Aaron took him to the barber shop to get it shaved off a couple weeks later (sorry dude!).

I finished the apron I’d been working on for a couple months.  My machine was in the shop for over 2 months with feed dog problems.  It turned out OK, not wonderful, but OK.  I used the pattern in Amy Butler’s In Stitches.  Not my favorite pattern in the world, but lots of good inspiration in that book.

Aaron playing guitar hero with my cousin.  For the first time ever.  We’re not a big video game family.  I’m not sure who was winning here.  If I remember right she was a little better (but she’s had more practice, right?).

Aaron on a moto/fishing trip.  I’m not a big sleep under the stars kind of gal, so they usually don’t invite me along.

Looks like they saw some trees and a river.  I don’t know, I just put it in there because I miss trees and forests.  The first time Aaron took me on a fishing trip (which actually wasn’t too terribly far from where he took this picture) I asked him if there were trees (a requisite for every stream/river fishing trip I ever went on).  He said yeah, there were trees, it was really beautiful where we were going.  There weren’t any trees.  There was scrub.  And sagebrush.  I told him I grew up in north Idaho, dude.  These are not trees.  And have you seen beautiful?  Let me tell you about beautiful.

Aaron and some snow.  In June.  In California.  They were pretty close to Mt. Whitney, though.

My brother working on the pergola he and I built this summer.  My Dad helped out some with initial planning and material buying and Aaron did a few little things, but for the most part it was him and I.  He did most of the grunt labor, of course.  I wasn’t getting paid.  It’s done now, I just keep forgetting to take pictures.  Hopefully I get the patio laid this Fall.  I still haven’t found any paving stones I like.

(Sorry about the date stamps on all of our pictures.  We keep forgetting to turn the darn thing off.  I never remember until I go to post them on the blog — or print them out!)

(Oh yeah, and it looks like I did say a thousand words.  Who knew!)