Aaron and I were asked to teach a group of youth from our church a dance for the CA Inland Empire Dance Festival. Neither of us can dance. Or teach. We don’t know what they were thinking. The one time we tried to take dance lessons together we almost ended up at a marriage counselor. We spent most of the spring and summer teaching and practicing with these kids and then I spent several very, very long days in the middle of July at dress rehearsals (Aaron had to work, lucky dog). It was chaos, pure chaos.

At the end, I look back and think how much I love those kids, how hot the middle of July is, and how I never want to do this again. Oh yeah, did I mention these were 14 and 15 year olds. Click if you want to. This is the preview video for the whole dance festival. There was a video of just our dance (Footloose), but it didn’t do justice to how well our kids really did (although it does look they ended up using our groups for a lot of the close-ups). Bear in mind these are NOT professional dancers, they’re teenagers, who don’t dance very much, and are awkward. And we did our best. So don’t judge us. Please.

No, we didn’t take any pictures of anything. We don’t want evidence.