The heat has finally broken hear in So Cal.  Every day I wake up and literally think “thank goodness.”  I can now go back to living my normal life (not that it is ever very normal, but, you know…).  Summer is always the hardest season for me.  Without air conditioning, I feel sluggish and sweaty; with air conditioning, my sinuses dry out and my head hurts all of the time.  Neither very good.  I’ve gotten as much done in the last month as I did June, July, and August combined.  I’m cleaning out the house, finally looking through all of the photos we took this summer (a daunting task), and even getting my creative juices flowing again (again, “thank goodness”).  It feels like I’m coming out of a drought.

Funny side note – I started writing this post then got side-tracked looking through photos to put in this post.  For 2 hours.  I think this might be why I never get any ACTUAL blogging done – the side-tracking.

Here’s my current project:

A hand quilted pillow top.

I’ve been taking a hand piecing and quilting class at a nearby city adult school.

A friend of mine teaches this class and I’ve been wanting to go for years.  I’m so glad I’m finally able to go.  Even though it takes so much longer than machine quilting, the effect it creates is so beautiful.  It is so worth it.

I’m almost done with this practice pillow and then will move on to my sampler quilt.  I chose to do a nine-block sampler, mostly because I want to finish sometime in this decade.  The quickest anyone in the class has finished their sampler quilt is one year, so don’t be expecting a finished quilt anytime soon.  I’ve been working on this pillow for a month-and-a-half.

Fabric for my sampler.  From Moda’s Fig and Plum line.  I like pretty much everything Fig Tree Quilts does.  They have two free patterns on their blog (Fresh Figs) I’d like to make – a cute  “Shabby Fig Apron” and the “Cabana Squares Throw.”  Too sweet.

The backing fabric for my sampler.  I adore these colors – deep plum, taupey-grey, mauvey-rose, fig, persimmon,  – so beautiful.

Questions of the day –

How do you stay motivated to blog?  What’s your system?  How do you decide what to post and what not to post?

Of course, general comments are always welcome as well.

P.S.  As of now, the date stamp is now turned off on my camera.  I’m sure you’ll join me in a hallelujah!