I’ve had several family members and friends mention that they don’t know how to leave a comment on my blog.  Since I would love more comments, I figured I’d better give y’all some directions.

1.  Look at the title of the post – in this case “A note on comments.”  Underneath the title are two lines, “Posted by …” and “[#] Comments” (for example “No Comments” or “1 Comment” etc.).

2.  Click on the “[#] Comments.”  This will take you to the comments that have been left for the post.

3.  At the bottom of the page will be a form that looks like this:

4.  Fill in the information.  Your name and e-mail address are required.  You can choose to put in your blog or other website information if you wish (this will be linked with your name in the comment – your e-mail address will not be posted).

5.  Type in what you want to say to me in the box.  “You are amazing,” “wonderful work,” and “I want to be your friend” are fine examples of things I like to hear (hehe).

6.  Click on the “Submit Comment” button.  Your comment then gets sent to me, where I approve or disapprove it (gotta keep the spam off the blog, you know).

Hopefully this helps everyone out.  If not, let me know and I’ll try to help you out.