See Mommy Sew posted today about Mary’s (Confession of a Craft Addict) “Thankful for 30” idea:

“For the next 30 days — the entire month of November — I’m going to write down at least one thing for which I am thankful each day. If I have a blog entry that day, I’ll include my thankful thing in it. Otherwise, I’ll Twitter it or write it on a Post-it note or jot it on the back of a piece of junk mail. However I do it, I’m going to put it in writing so I can commit to my gratitude.”  (from the Confession of a Craft Addict blog,

Great idea, huh?  I have always struggled with being a “glass half empty” person and need these little pushes to remember how blessed I really am.

1.  I am grateful for this video (if you don’t want to cry, don’t press play).

Can you believe these parents!?  Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent that little soul to them.  I saw this on Oprah earlier this week and then watched another Oprah show today with an update on this family.  They just had a beautiful, healthy little girl, Hazel.

I am grateful for everyone in the world that inspires me to be a better person.  Stephanie Nielson for inspiring me to be a better wife and (someday) a better mother.  Matt and Ginny (Eliot’s parents) for inspiring me to find the good in every moment I have in life, even the tragic ones.  Many, many others who inspire my crafting, housekeeping, charitability, love, and so many other things.  Thank you to all of you.