First, a few things I am grateful for:

2.  I am grateful for electricity.

I talked to Aaron this morning as I was laying in bed freezing my buns off about how to light the pilot light on the heater (which we both thought was out).  I can’t even believe I even need to turn it on.  Two weeks ago it was sweltering hot and I would have died to have an air conditioner.  I love the colder weather, but it’s a little hard for me to get going in the morning when it’s 60 degrees in the house.  Anyways, I re-lit the pilot light, turned up the thermostat, and nothing happened.  So, back outside to check the pilot again, which is still lit, and as I’m standing there trying to figure out how in the heck I’m going to type on the computer with freezing hands (big pet peeve – freezing hands), I see the cord for the heater lying on the ground.  Unplugged.  No wonder the darn thing didn’t work.  Turns out when the outlet that it is normally plugged into stopped working this summer, Aaron unplugged the heater.  We got the outlet fixed (a couple of weeks ago – yeah, we’re big procrastinators) but totally forgot the heater was unplugged.  So yeah, I’m grateful for the electricity that powers my heater so that my hands aren’t freezing and therefore can write on my blog (which, is also powered by electricity, hehe).

3.  I am grateful that Fall finally seems to have shown up in So Cal.  Autumn is my favorite season.  I love the colors, the weather, Halloween and Thanksgiving, all of it.  I know that now that I’ve said it we’ll probably get some scorchers next week but hey, I still love the Fall.

Here’s a couple of things I picked up on our Labor Day Pismo Beach trip that I’ve been saving for cooler weather.

Some tea towels:


I’m considering turning the plaid one into an apron.  If the apples were going horizontal instead of vertical on the large apple one, I definitely would be making it into one.


This little ceramic acorn:


I don’t know what, if anything, I’ll put in it.  It’s pretty small (about four inches tall).  Any ideas?

Both the towels and the acorn came from the Apple Farm Inn.  The restaurant wasn’t the best, but the gift shop was great.

And, bonus, I got my Scout’s Swag sock club yarn in the mail this weekend.  Very appropriate, don’t you think?


Hope you’re having a great Fall so far.  Oh, and the last thing I’m grateful for today:

4.  I am grateful I live in the United States of America and that I have the ability to vote and influence how this country is run.  I am also grateful this election is over.  Thank goodness.