I was going to write a post about how I couldn’t find my stapler and I was getting really annoyed.  Then I found it.  On a stack of fabric.  Pretty boring post, right?  That’s life right now, pretty boring.  Busy, but not a lot of fun/interesting/entertaining stuff going on.

Most of my knitting time has been spent on what seems to be a never-ending baby blanket for my niece Sadie.  (I think I mentioned it in an earlier post.  It’s the Stripey Travel Rug).

I am insanely bored.  Hours and hours of mind numbing garter stitch.  With no end in sight.  What was I thinking?!  This kid is a month old and it doesn’t look like I’m finishing any time soon.  Jeesh.

I’ve been trying to start a scarf project to take the edge off of the blanket madness.  “Trying” being the operative word.  I started the Noro striped scarf (just like every other knitter out there, it seems – call me a Harlot lemming) but it isn’t working out too well.

I’ve had to rip it out numerous times and start over – problems with hiding/carrying the yarn up the side.  I’m also a little concerned with how well these two colorways will work together.  What do you think?  Good or bad?  I asked Aaron, but if you’ve seen his haircut, you know his opinion of what looks good and what doesn’t counts for very little right now.

I also whipped out a little flannel quilt saver/roll/fold-up thingy to carry my quilt block pieces in.

A lady at my hand quilting class suggested it.  I think she was a little concerned, and rightly so, about my pieces getting all mixed up.  Now I can just unfold the flannel and all my pieces are laid out correctly, just like I left them (I used to just stack them up and through them in my bag).

My Card Tricks block is coming along rather slowly.

I’ve got all of the triangles pieced into blocks and now just need to piece those 9 blocks together. My goal is to finish the piecing and get it quilted before class starts again in January.  Lofty ambitions, huh?

BTW, I’ve been saving all of the great free holiday printables (mostly tags) that I’ve come across and am putting together a post to share them with ya’ll.  I’m grateful that those with the talents I don’t have are so willing to share them.  Also, how do you come up with post titles?  I’m stuck.