(Warning!  Picture heavy post.)

Hello world! I know I disappeared there for a while. I do that. I’m getting better at letting you all know when it will happen and it is getting less and less frequent. Work gets really busy in the months around Christmas, which, so conveniently, coincides with everything else in my life getting really busy. Aah, the holidays. Don’t we love them?

Anyways, here’s some highlights from the past few months.

Going home for my brother’s wedding right before Christmas

Freezing our bacon off

Bro #4 and Aaron at the reception.  Don’t ask me why he decided to point his rocker devil horns the wrong way.

Bro #5 (the youngest) and me.

“Decorating” the newlyweds car.  That’s Aaron, Bro #4 and Bro #2.

Putting together puzzles, relaxing with family after the wedding at my parents “new” (to them) house, and enjoying the Christmas spirit.  (That’s my Grandpa with Bros #4 and 5.)

Getting stuck in Idaho because of all the snow.

My grandparents were (randomly) able to fly out.  Aaron’s flight got delayed, then cancelled, then he rebooked, that one got cancelled, and we ended up having to drive the 3 hours to pick him up from the airport.  My brother (Bro #1) and his new wife’s flight for their honeymoon had also been cancelled so we picked them up as well.  Luckily, my flight on Christmas Eve wasn’t cancelled and Aaron was able to get on a different flight home that day as well.

Gorgeous but cold

Bro #1’s car when we dropped him off at his apartment – 2 days after the wedding.

We think these people had a little trouble getting into their car (and getting their car out) when they got home from Christmas Break.

Taking the chair lift up Mt. Baldy on New Year’s Day

Didn’t we  just leave the snow?

Nothing like Idaho.  Still gorgeous, though.

You can barely see the parking lot at the bottom where we and the five bazillion other people who decided to go up to Mt. Baldy that day parked.

Going to the first Supercross race of the season

Next post:  A crafty update.