I was pretty shocked when Cami gave me this award, considering I haven’t been blogging very much lately, let alone blogging about awesome creative stuff. Or, now that I think about it, actually making anything creative (although I do have lots of finished objects to show you, they’re a roundup of several months worth).  Anyways, everything Cami does is creative.  Check out this cool Double Take quilt she did – I totally want to copy it.  Everything she does is amazing and super inspiring.

So, here’s my 7 picks for this award:

Film in the Fridge:  Quilts.  Lots and lots of amazing quilts.  And she’s only been doing it for a year – so inspiring!  I also wish I could take photos of my stuff as well as she does.

Philigry:  Almost every time she finishes a knit project, I go to Ravelry and make it a favorite.  She’s that good.  Quilting and sewing goodness, as well.

Thornberry:  The woman who makes me want to learn to crochet (along with Cami).  GREAT sewing projects as well (and some quilting).

JC Handmade:  I really want to knit her Bias Baby Blanket.  She has several other tutorials/patterns on the side of her blog and always has great and inspiring posts.

Made by Rae:  Love to see what she’s sewing.  Also a little bit of knitting every once in a while.  Anytime you see something she’s stenciled on, stop and check it out; it’s always awesome.

Stop staring and start sewing:  I like this blog for two reasons.  One, she has great projects and inspiring work.  Two, it’s nice to see what a fabric store owner is doing with all of that great fabric.  Check out her Apron in an Hour and Perfect Pillowcase tutorials.  Awesome.

(OK, I’m doing 8 instead of 7.  It took some doing to get my picks down to 8, even, and I really can’t choose between these two.  They each do such different stuff and inspire totally different creative parts of me.)

Bugs and Fishes:  Felt.  Awesome felt.  Amazing, wonderful, great, pick a good adjective felt.  Her cherry blossom stuff is my absolute favorite.  She just started selling her stuff in her own shop and also has an etsy shop.  Loved her felt ornament tutorials she had back in December, as well.

Panhandler:  I found her site when Sew Mama Sew did the Bloggy Giveaway day a couple of months ago.  She makes me want to sew aprons all of the time.

Phew, with a brow swipe.  I love reading all of the inspiring and creative blogs out there and thanks again Cami for giving me this award.  Now I’m off to go on a Caribbean cruise (yes, you can be jealous, but I think I deserve it).  I’ve got that finished objects post just about ready to go up when I get back.

(By the way – if you haven’t noticed, I use the word “awesome” a lot.  To an embarrasing degree.  I also use the word “dude” quite a bit but up ’til now have not brought myself to actually type it on the blog (at least, I don’t remember doing so).  But just so you know, dudes.)