Hey everybody!  We’re home.  We had a great time on our cruise.  It was a little cold the first few days and I got a little sick.  Not seasick, though, just a bad sore throat and a little sinus infection, although I did lose my voice at the end of the trip (first time in years).  Then I got really sick when we got home.  Lots of coughing, no fun.

I don’t want to do a full cruise post until I talk to our friends and make sure they’re OK with me putting their pictures on the internet.  Just in case they care about that kind of thing.  I do have a bunch of crafty finished objects to post about, though.  To break it up a little bit and make it easier to read, I’m going to do the knitting in this post and everything else in the next post (all today, though).

So, I knit these slippers for my Grandma ages ago.  Like, um, they were supposed to be her Mother’s Day present.  She saw them on Mother’s Day, with one needing the white i-cord trim and both needing straps (or so I thought).  I finished up the i-cord trim a few days later and then they sat in my knitting basket, waiting for me to take them over to her house to ask her where she wanted the Mary Jane-style strap to go.  Finally, at Christmas, I throw them in my bag to take to Idaho, knowing I’ll see her then.  Turns out she didn’t want straps at all.  Sheesh.

Maine Morning Mitts, or “the post-Sadie’s blanket recovery project.”  Great pattern, quick knit, love them.  I made them out of Silk Garden instead of Kureyon.  It was the yarn from the Noro striped scarf project (not really failed, per se, I ripped out the couple rows I had before I really got started).  I thought the silk in it would feel better than the pure wool on my hands.

Mitts in action.  Sorry it’s a night shot – I had to wait until Aaron was home.

I’ve been trying to find a pattern for this yarn (Misti Alpaca Worsted) for ages (see the failed Koolhaas hat attempt). The pattern is My So Called Scarf, which was a little tricky at first.  I figured it out, though, after watching a YouTube video I found through Ravelry (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKpuUxVbQtc). from a year ago).  This seems to be working out, though.  I like the zig-zag its doing all by itself.  This is my whenever project, as in “whenever I’m not doing something else.”

All right, no new knitting other than the Misti scarf.  I have a couple unfinished sweaters I need to pick up before it gets too warm to work on them again.  Oh yeah, and a couple baby blankets to start soon!