When I said “today” in my last post, apparently I meant “during the next 24 hours – today.” Anyway, here’s all of the rest of the sewing and crafting I’ve finished lately, and by lately, I mean in the last 3 months (you know, my version of “lately”).

Starting from most recent.

Cami put out a call for donations for her aunt’s Relay for Life raffle a couple of months ago and I answered.  Of course, being me, she should have known not to expect anything right away.  I finally finished this apron a couple of days ago after a few setbacks (jeesh – bias tape) and got it in the mail.  Hopefully she gets it before she moves! It did turn out pretty well, and I know we all see our mistakes way more than others do, it just took forever.  Moving on…

Two finished blocks for my sampler quilt.

Akron Rose block.

Card Tricks block.

These are for the hand quilting class I’ve been taking for about six months now.  I’m planning on doing nine blocks (plus the finishing-up).

Star ornaments my Primary kids made for Christmas.  Back in December, I spent a week using the better part of my evenings marking and bending wire for these.  The kids had a good time making them and they turned out so pretty.  (So glad I got a picture of them!)