For anyone who doesn’t already know, I’m not a good blogger.  It’s not coming natural for me.  I stink at journaling and I’m a rather slow writer.  I think about stuff to blog or journal about all of the time, its just difficult for me to put it into words; serious time and effort has to be spent to get anything up on the site at all.   So, the deal is, you get what you get.  You get whatever photos I can get with my crappy camera and whatever I can think of to write with them.  You get whatever crafty update I can pull together whenever I can pull myself away from said crafting.  You’ll also get whatever I remember to tell you about my life, occassionally in the order it actually happened to me.  And maybe I’ll give you all of this in chunks with months of time elapsing between when I post.  Or maybe I’ll get better at this and start pulling things together a little more regularly.

Anyways, I just thought you should know.  For those of you who still follow me months (!) after my last post.  And if you find you can’t take the craziness of this blog, I understand.  I still love you for trying it out.