Why yes, we did go on a cruise.  Several months ago in fact.

The problem is, we didn’t take very many photos.  We went with a bunch of friends who took lots of photos for us, though.  I just haven’t gotten them from them yet.  So here’s what I do have.  When I get more, I’ll post more.

Right after we got on the ship and met up with our friends.  Also the only soda I bought on the ship (I think it was over $2 for the can).  Now we know why there were so many people checking in boxes of Coke with their luggage.

Seawolf Park on Pelican Island and the open ocean behind it as we’re leaving port in Galveston.  We were not particularly happy with how cloudy and cold it was.  Not our idea of good cruising weather.

If we had only known then how windy it would REALLY get.

Yep, that’s how it was the entire time the boat was moving.  Luckily, the farther south we traveled, the warmer it got.  The only time it was really “tropical” weather though was when we were off the boat.

Map of the cruise (thank you Google).

After three days at sea, we were SO ready to get off the ship in Jamaica.  After a little wheelin’ and dealin’, we all crammed in a tour van and drove to Dunn River Falls.  Little did we know it was over a two hour drive.  Jeesh.

We got to see a good bit of the island along the way and quizzed our tour guide Peter on all things “Jamaica.”

Once we got to the Falls, we hiked down to the beach.   Notice it’s still cloudy, but it was much more humid and definitely warmer than on the ship,

Then we went straight up the Falls to the top.  We didn’t hire a guide so we didn’t have to link hands like all of the people you see in the photo.  We just climbed up the best we could.  There were only a couple “hard” sections and Peter had assured us beforehand there was nothing scary in the water (or in the jungle).  We’ve got some other great pictures of the Falls trip, just not on our camera.  Gotta remember to nag some people for those.

You can’t go to Jamaica and not eat a little Jerk, right?  This stuff was gooood.

Self portrait of Aaron chillin’ in our room.  He literally slept 50% of this trip.  Most of the time on the boat, I was off doing my own thing and he was back in the room sleeping.  Hey, to each his own vacation, right?  We also spent a good chunk of time eating, no pictures of that, but trust me, it was good.  I highly recommend cruises just for the food factor alone.  I hit the gym a couple of times, but mostly out of sheer boredom after a couple of days at sea.

The only picture I have from Grand Cayman.  Again, there’s lots of amazing ones, just not in my possession.  My aunt recommended finding Captain Marvin’s and going out to Stingray City.  I’ll admit, I squealled quite a bit, even though I tried real hard not to.  Luckily the guys were pretty freaked out with it all too, so I didn’t feel very dumb.  The rays just don’t feel like you think they should.  Anyways, the photos can say so much more than I can.  You’ll just have to wait.  We got some pretty good snorkeling in as well while we were out there.

Last stop, Cozumel.

We rented a couple of jeeps ($40 for the whole day – awesome) and drove around the island, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach as we felt like it.  Again, very few pics.  Sorry.

We did get a picture of this guy on the way to lunch though.  Pretty cool, huh?

My view from the deck while knitting and reading (guess where Aaron was, hehe).  Another day and a half at sea on the way back to Galveston, including a very nice Valentine’s Day with more great food (of course).  All in all, a pretty great trip.