Hey ya’ll,I need some help.

Aaron asked me to knit him a sweater for his birthday this year.  Not just any sweater though.  No, this sweater had to have a hood, a zipper down the front, pockets, and be made out of warm wool.  I did a bit of looking on Ravelry, showed him some ideas I had, and he ended up choosing this sweater, modified to have a zippered front.

Then, when Webs put Cascade 220 in their anniversary sale, I had him pick out the yarn.  He chose 7 skeins of this yarn, plus I chose 2 different oranges for him to choose from for the stripe.  Did I forget to mention he also wanted the stripe to be orange?  Solid orange.  Jeesh.

This week, the yarn showed up on my doorstep (btw, it’s Cascade 220 in Yakima Heather).  I showed Aaron, who absolutely loved the yarn but now has different ideas about the sweater.  After some discussion, he has now decided he wants this hat:

in the Yakima Heather yarn with orange yarn for trim.  And this sweater:

also out of the Yakima Heather yarn, but no orange yarn for the trim.  And no hood (which is why I’m now knitting a separate hat).  So now I’ve got to figure out what color of yarn would look good for the trim (the gray parts of the sweater in this picture).  That’s where I need the help.  And don’t worry, I’ll be sure and reward you for your efforts.

Go to either Webs or the Cascade Yarns website and pick out a color of Cascade 220 you think will look good for the trim of the sweater.  The Yakima Heather (body of the sweater) yarn is color number 9459.  Here’s a better/closer-up picture of the yarn:

Leave the color number of your choice in a comment along with a way to contact you (which just means make sure and fill out the “e-mail” part of the comment form).  The comment button is back up at the top right underneath the title of the post.  If you need more details on how to leave a comment, click this link.

Comments will close at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 19.  Wednesday morning I will pick a winner via the random number generator.  The winner will receive their pick of either a skein of Lisa Souza sock (fingering weight) yarn or a yard of this out-of-print (I think; if its not, its definitely a “hard-to-find” print) Alexander Henry fabric.  Or, if you don’t like either of those, your choice of something else from my stash.  To my non-crafting local friends, be sure to comment as well because if I draw your name, you and I are going out for some dessert.  Best of luck!