A little church softball

It’s church ball, so the score doesn’t matter, right?  Not so my friend, not so.

I let my little friends have the camera for the day and ended up with some great candid shots.  Do you like our batting order card stuck into the top of the fence?

Fourth of July block party and BBQ with family and friends

Hitting LA’s first Renegade Craft Fair last weekend

The awesome Postcard Machine, right across from the Superbuzzy booth where I blew my budget (totally worth it).  Click this link to check out the Postcard Machine in action.  Seriously, awesome!

Other than that, Aaron went on a weekend guys fishing trip, quilt class got pushed back to next week (come take it with me, you’ll love it!), and we’re going to the Dodger game tomorrow.  And we’re trying to keep cool in our lovely non-air conditioned house (maybe by next summer, eh?).

A little knitting and sewing has been getting done, so my next post will be more crafty.  I’m also thinking about doing a couple of blog features like Musical Monday and an Etsy Friday thingy.  I don’t really have enough to talk about otherwise (being childless and having a slightly boring “adult” life).  I’m not a fast enough knitter/sewer/crafter to keep things interesting right now.  Let me know what you think.

Anyway, how’s your summer been?  I’d love to hear what your doing, so drop me a comment and let me know.