Look at me posting within a week of us doing something!  I’m so proud of myself (hehe).  The Dodgers game we went to ended up being both good and bad (but mostly good).

Good because we had really good seats.  Good because the seats were free (thanks to our friends who gave us their tickets).  Even better because those seats were season ticket seats, so we got good, preferred, free parking as well.  Good for me because I love the Dodgers, and baseball.

Bad for the Dodgers who were up against a really good pitcher and ended up losing.  Bad for me because now I really, really want season tickets.  Like I’m thinking of how much I’ll have to cut out my fabric and yarn budget.  Like I said, bad.

Good for my husband who caught a foul ball bare-handed in the bottom of the ninth.  See what happens when you stay for the whole game?  Totally worth it.

And, good for me for marrying the awesome guy who can make a catch like that and get cheered by the whole stadium, up on the big screen and everything.

Even better, after he sat down, he turned to me, handed me the ball, and said, “here honey, this is for you.”  Sigh.