I really enjoy doing yoga.  I started several years ago on my own, then took classes at the gym, several college yoga classes, and am now back to gym classes again.  I don’t practice near as much as I want to, or, actually, as much as I should.  I foresee a renewed dedication, though.

Because, if you were a knitter who practiced yoga, what would you do?   Knit a yoga mat bag, of course.

This pattern is from Greetings from Knit Cafe, a book I have a love/hate relationship with.  It has so many great patterns in it but they are all riddled with errors.  Very annoying to have to print off a lot of errata for a pattern and then try to figure out where it fits into the pattern.  I’m knitting a cardigan from the book right now that even with the pattern errata still needs to be adjusted to come out correctly.  No fun.  I actually just picked up a new, updated, paperback copy of the book with a Joann’s coupon a couple of days ago.  It claims that it includes all of the corrections in the patterns now, but we’ll see.  If anyone wants my hardcover copy, let me know.

I used the suggested yarn for the bag, Rowan All Seasons Cotton Printed, which I got at Webs on closeout for like three bucks a ball and its great stuff.  Totally a steal.  It was really difficult to get a shot of the correct color of the yarn, but this is pretty close.

After I finished my bag (which, I’m sorry, was months ago), I loved it so much I wanted to knit one for my mom (who also does yoga) for her birthday.  I had a hard time picking between the Knit Cafe and an Interweave Knits pattern for the bag for myself, so I figured I’d knit the Interweave pattern and send whichever one I liked best to her.

Unfortunately for my mom, this pattern wasn’t such a quick knit.  And then the bag sat on my living room floor like this:

for about a month.  Until I could screw up the courage (and a large enough block of time) to seam up the darn lace pattern.

I took a picture of the seaming process because I was cracking myself up.  I actually needed my yoga flexibility to take the photo.  My right leg got really shaky from me holding it in that half-stretched out position for so long I had to take the whole thing off and transfer it to my left leg about halfway through.  It worked great, though.

Finally, I got the whole thing seamed, washed, blocked, and finished.  Yay!

This one is the Lacy Yoga Bag pattern from the Summer 2007 issue of Interweave Knits.  I used Tahki Cotton Classic, which is a very widely available yarn that comes in a bunch of colors, plus its a great cotton (Webs link).

I tried getting Aaron to take photos of me with the bag (mostly for scale), but they all ended up being more photos of my rear end (in very unflattering, baggy shorts, nonetheless) and less photos of the bag.  I cropped out what I could here people. 🙂

I like both of the bags a whole lot, but I really like the lacy one and am sending it up to my mom this week (hopefully – yet another thing to procrastinate).  I’ll be sad to part with it and will probably end up knitting another one for myself at a later date.