Joining in with the Kirsty at kootoyoo and the other creative spaces for the week, here’s mine.

This week, it’s actually two different spaces.

First, my slouchy cardigan blocking on the floor of the spare room.  I think I’ve only posted about this sweater once, back when I started it oh, a year ago (or, um, maybe a little longer).  Each knitting project has its own challenges and this one has definitely had its fair share.  From the front unraveling on its own for no apparent reason (see that first post), to figuring out how to reverse the shaping for the other front, countless errors in the pattern, and finally, running out of yarn four inches from the top of the sleeves (which had numerous problems all by themselves).  I ended up doing a mad search for my gauge swatch, hoping to find another ball of the yarn I might have randomly misplaced somewhere in my stash (I didn’t find one), and finally undoing the bound off edges of the front and back pieces and ripping out an inch or two on each of them to get enough yarn to finish.  I wasn’t able to find enough yarn to knit the hood the sweater is supposed to have, but I live in Southern California so I think I should be able to manage without one.  After I finish seaming up the whole thing I’ll decide if it needs some kind of collar or something to make the top edge look all right.

Anyways, moving on to my other space.

I was trying to get all of the stacks of paperwork, piles of yarn,  fabric, and books, and general messiness of everything in there right now, but its all pushed along the sides and was rather difficult to get in a photograph (I did try, though).  Right in the middle is the quilt I started binding last night.

(This is just the quilt top, pre-quilting.)  I’ve been taking a machine quilting class at Home Ec (formerly inside Reform School, but last night we met at the brand new space – yay!) with an amazing teacher, Alissa.  As most of you know, I know how to hand piece/quilt/applique, but I’ve had limited experience machine piecing and quilting.  This class was wonderful and if you’re in the area, definitely stop by and check out Jenny’s new shop.