Last week Aaron’s aunt asked me to sew her an apron she could give to her daughter for her birthday.  Easy peasy, right?

I chose Heather Bailey’s Daily Spice apron pattern and some Heather Bailey (coincidentally) fabric I had in my stash.

Heather did a great job writing this pattern.  Very clear directions and great drawings/schematics.  It is a pretty complicated apron, though.  There are 14 different pieces you sew together (including the 3 lining and interfacing pieces) and 21 steps in the written instructions.  The only times I screwed up were when I didn’t process what the pattern was saying fully before I started to sew.

The halter ties were a tight fit into the openings on the bodice piece and tried my patience for quite a chunk of time.  The waist ties weren’t nearly as bad, just a little fiddly.

You know how at the beginning of a sewing pattern (or knitting pattern, for that matter) it says READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE PATTERN BEFORE BEGINNING in big, bold type.  Yeah, well, that’s so when you get to “Step S – Secure Waistband Lining,” you don’t read “slip-stitch bottom of waistband lining to inside of apron” and promptly sit down on the floor and cry.

Seriously, I’d been working on this thing all day straight (I’m a slow sewer), it was nine o’clock at night, and I could not believe that I got thrown that curve-ball.  What I would have given to have not been on a deadline.

It obviously got finished.  That night, even.

Just throwing this in here because I took a random picture of it (I never know if I’ll have enough stuff to blog about).  I got to use one of my machines fancy overcast stitches (and accompanying overcast foot) for the first time to finish off some seams on the inside of the skirt.  Very schnazzy.

So many cute details add up to an insane amount of time spent on this project.  As my husband told me when I tried it on to show it off, I could have just made the skirt go all the way around the back and I would have had a finished dress.  Those details do make it a very pretty apron, though.

(BTW, the pattern has three different size options and I chose the small, which fits dress size 6-10.)

(Thanks Paula for taking pictures for me.)