I never could decide which color of yarn to buy for the trim on Aaron’s sweater, so I ended up ordering a whole bunch of ones I thought (and you, from previous suggestions) would look good.

The Webs box showed up on Friday and I dumped the whole thing out on the floor and grabbed Aaron.  Hey, it’s his sweater, he should choose, right?  Then the both of us sat down on the floor, made the requisite “no” and “maybe” piles, and ended up choosing the same color as our favorite.

Light sage-y green, as suggested by my SIL Lindsey in the comments ages ago.  We think it looks pretty good.

I’ve already done a gauge swatch, taken Aaron’s measurements, measured a favorite sweater, made pattern adjustments, and last night, cast on.  I’m through 2 1/2 inches of ribbing (we watched Benjamin Button last night and the first disc from season four of Prison Break today) and I’m hoping to finish by the time Aaron leaves on his annual guy’s trip the third week of October.   We shall see.