I’m an avid online fabric shopper.  There just aren’t very many stores around here that sell the fabric I want.  My two local quilt stores don’t carry any Free Spirit Fabrics and don’t get me started on their Japanese fabric selection (you’ve got to know I’m kidding, right?).  Anyways, back to the online stores and, more specifically, those online stores’ blogs.  I love store blogs.  I love seeing what fabric they’re getting in, inspiring quilts and projects, tutorials, giveaways, sale announcements, and just about anything else they post.  Basically, they’re great, you should read them.  I put together a little list at the end of the post of all the ones I read, which, of course, I think you should check out.

So, my favorite store blog right now is the Fat Quarter Shop‘s.  Mostly because of this:

That’s a 40 (FORTY!) fat quarter bundle of all of the fabrics in Moda’s Aster Manor line.  Which I won.  From the Fat Quarter Shop.  Pretty dang AWESOME, no?

I still cannot believe I won that much fabric.  I really want to tell you about how I won it, though.  Go check out this post on the Jolly Jabber.  See that appliqued tree.  See the whole quilt.  Totally looks familiar, right?  Of course I had to enter!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I like both traditional and modern quilting.  This definitely falls in the traditional category.  I would really like to join the BOM but can’t decide if I can spend that much money right now.  I’m looking for another part-time job to supplement my stay-at-home work and if I find one soon, maybe the BOM membership can be my reward.

Check out the FQS’s other BOMs and clubs as well (here’s a link to all of them).  I seriously wish I had the money to do both the Green Piece and the Pennsylvania Dutch clubs.  Sigh, to be independently wealthy.

Oh yeah, and here’s the list of the store blogs I promised:

Fat Quarter Shop – Jolly Jabber
Purl Soho – The Purl Bee