I was hoping Mary would do this again this year.  One thing I’m thankful for each day shouldn’t be too hard, right?  The only hard part is November is one of the busiest months of my year, which means very little blogging (usually).  I am grateful for so many things, though, and definitely need to put a voice to those thoughts.

Here’s my first five:

1.  I am SO grateful my husband is home after a longer than expected guys trip.  I was feeling pretty sad there towards the end.

2.  Good friends who read good books and then lend them to me.  Good book recommendations are always welcome, friend or not.

3.  Work.  Even though it means I’ll get very little of the things I want to done the next few months.

4.  Aaron’s work.  Hard economic times, everyone’s suffering, yada-yada-yada.  You know the drill and so do we.  We are both amazingly grateful and feel immensely blessed every time we pick up a new job, bring home another paycheck, and veg on the couch Sunday nights after a long week of work.  Even if things are a lot tighter than they were a year or too ago, we are just happy to be able to pay our bills.

5.  This year’s music link of choice: Pandora.  I’ve been listening to a steady stream of Cake radio for the last week or so.  Love it.