6.  Camping.  Especially back home in Idaho this year with my family.  I like camping in California, too, it’s just not nearly as pretty and there are significantly more people.  We had the campground all to ourselves on this trip.

If you’ve never been camping, I highly recommend it.  Lots of fun, relaxing, and communing with nature.

See, my dad, communing with nature.  Always good animal antics while camping.

7.  The friend who gives me the little push I need to go to the gym.  Right now, I’m one of the skinniest out-of-shape people you’ll ever meet.  I miss living in Idaho where you have lots of outdoor chores and lots of good places to go on little hikes and walks to.  Now I have to actually work to stay in shape and I’m not very good at it.

8.  Beautiful sunsets and quick little anniversary vacations.

9.  Funny memories and the rare photo to remember them by.  My entire life someone has been pulling my ponytail.  I guess that’s why I keep growing it out and then cutting it off.  They also like to laugh at me on roller coasters.  Hey, I like to please.

10.  Ice cream.  Very, very grateful for ice cream.  I eat a lot of it.

11.  The good men and women serving in the Armed Forces.  Especially our friends Tyler and John.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to you.  And proud.  Very proud.