In all of the holiday and work melee that has been going on around my house lately, I have been able to fit in a bit of sewing and knitting.  Hence, a finished quilt block.

The Star of Many Points.  Please forgive the badly lit photo; it’s been a little cloudy here today, which I love but is also makes it very hard to take good photographs.

In other news, Aaron’s sweater is almost done; I just need to buy a zipper online and sew it in.  The zig-zag quilt gets worked on in little bits and pieces.  I’ve finished sewing all the half-square triangles and am now sewing them into rows.  I’ve started my Christmas sewing, both the gifts I’m giving and the gifts others have asked me to make and will pay me for (why do I always think I’ll have more time than I do, why!?).  Oh, and I also still need to blog about my finished slouchy cardigan.  Don’t let me forget.