I’ve had a couple of posts sitting in a folder ready to go up for weeks now, I just haven’t had time to sit down and upload them.  So, here you go.

Years ago, the second thing I ever knit was a baby blanket.  It turned out great, except for I doubled the yarn as the pattern suggested and the thing probably ended up weighing about ten pounds and was as flexible as a rug.  Totally unusable.  So it sat it my stash for years until, finally, I was blessed with nephews and could pull out the yarn and re-use it.  So, here is the Green Denim Baby Blanket, reincarnate.

First up, Dax’s blanket:

This is the original pattern I used for the first Green Denim blanket, but I made it slightly bigger.  I knew I would have enough yarn to do two pretty large blankets and I really didn’t want anything leftover when I was done.

It was super hard to get a good photo of this yarn.  I don’t know if it’s me or the camera.  I think it’s me, but I’m going to blame it on the camera anyways.

Pattern:  Winsome White from Leisure Arts booklet #3145 (borrowed from Grandma Sharon)

Yarn:  Bernat Denim Style in Faded Khaki, 5.5 balls

And, I just found a picture of the yarn I uploaded into Ravelry when I was knitting the original blanket!  This how the color is supposed to look in all of these pictures:

Now for Tanner’s blanket:

So, I’ve gone almost eight years with only nieces, and then all of a sudden I get two nephews at once.  Someone out there really wanted me to spend some time in baby blanket purgatory.  These things take FOREVER.  Seriously, I could probably knit two sweaters for me in the time that it takes me to knit one blanket.  And they are so BORING.  This is probably why I couldn’t post about them until now.  The memories were too fresh.

But, then I end up with this beautiful gift I get to send off with all of the love I wish I could give the baby in person and it’s worth it.  It reminds me why I started knitting in the first place.

Pattern:  Lullaby Blanket from “Sweet Dreams” booklet by Jean Leinhauser (again, borrowed from Grandma Sharon)

Yarn:  Bernat Denim Style in Faded Khaki, 6.5 skeins