I’m swamped.  Still no new camera.

This little guy is constantly in my way, but making me clean my house.  (Borrowed Aaron’s camera to take the picture.)

Still cleaning out my “To Blog” photo file.  This is yarn Aaron brought me home last year from his guy’s vacation to Wyoming.  Pretty stuff, no?   He randomly saw a sign for this handspinner/dyer’s studio as he was out hunting (literally) around and knows just what I like – local and handmade yarn.   It’s Lucy’s Sheep Camp out of Thermopolis, Wyoming.  This is 500 yards of her Rambouileet Bulky yarn (a handspun single) in “Cowgirl Color Theory V.”

So, Aaron went a little overboard.  Not only did he bring me home the gorgeous purple, but because he doesn’t know how much yarn you need to make something, he brought me more.  From the left: 1200 yards of 2-ply lace weight from the sheep “Ethan”, 318 yards of 2-ply lace weight from the Wensleydale sheep “Elvis”, and 300 yards of single ply aran from a badger face rambouillet sheep.  I love that the labels tell you what sheep it came from!  The lace weight is actually more of a fingering to sport weight, but we’ll see how it works up when I decide what to make out it.  The purple yarn is being saved for a little girl’s baby blanket, if we have one.

Guess where I’m sending Aaron back to this October? 🙂