Hello blog!  It’s been a while.  Did you miss me?  I sure missed you.  I have so much to tell you about, but don’t want to overwhelm you by squeezing it all into one post.  For the most part, I’ve just been working.  A lot.   But we did go on a handful of trips in the last six months I haven’t blogged about.

Both of my sisters got married, one in August (right during one of my favorite times, the Perseids shower) in Logan (Utah) and one a couple of days before Thanksgiving in Salt Lake.  Unfortunately, my camera was out of commission for both of them and I don’t think swiping photos from their actual wedding photos would be kosher.  But I’m sure you can imagine – brides, dresses, receptions – typical wedding stuff.

I do have one random shot from after the last wedding.  Since it was Thanksgiving, all the family stuck around to have it together.  We asked permission to from the church next to my Aunt’s house to have dinner there (we wouldn’t all fit at one house – there’s about a hundred of us, no joke) and since we had the building all day and Utah was trying to kill me with all the snow and the cold, we decided to have our Turkey Bowl inside, volleyball-style.

My new brother-in-law (from the August wedding) and me, taking a break while the net gets adjusted and we let the kids take over for a bit.  Doesn’t everyone play volleyball in their bare feet?  No?

In between both of my family weddings, Aaron’s cousin got married in Flagstaff in October.  I’d never been to the Grand Canyon, so we drove out a day early to see the sites.

Checking out the cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon.  I thought this was way more interesting than the Grand Canyon was.

The whole time we were at the Grand Canyon it was off-and-on rain and thunder.  It made for some beautiful rainbows, plus we got to see a bush get hit by lightning and start on fire down in the canyon and had lightning crack right on top of us as we were walking back to the car in a parking lot.

It was worth seeing once, twice if you include when I take my kids to see it in the future, but I think if I ever go again, it will definitely have to be down the river on a raft.

And what about crafting, you ask?  I’ve gotten lots done, but little photographed.  How about some things I finished for the store a while ago:

A One-Row Scarf out of Noro Furin.  This yarn has been discontinued, but the scarf looks good in just about anything.  (Ravelry link)

Baby socks out of Malabrigo Worsted in the Sotobosque colorway.  This is the sample pair I made for the sock class I teach at the store.  (Ravelry link)

Little Shells Shawlette made out of Rowan Purelife Revive.  I love this yarn and it comes in loads of beautiful colors.  We don’t have it at the store anymore, but you can get it at Webs.  This little shawlette only took one and a half balls.

This was a sample for the lace class I taught a few months back.  (Ravelry link)

Enough for now?  I promise I’ll be back with more soon.  Let me know in the comments if you’re still reading and how you’re doing.  I missed you!