I hope you miss me too!  Maybe just a little?

Who knew growing a baby was so exhausting?  Probably all of you mothers out there who’ve done it before, I’m sure, but I definitely did not.  Other than preparing for the baby, life has not changed much, so I don’t have a lot to catch you up on in that area.  BUT, while crafting has been cut by about half, solely because of the tiredness and my natural slowing, I do have a HUGE backlog of projects (mostly knitting) to get out of my “To Blog” file and into this photo journal.

So, here’s the first chunk.  Don’t worry, I won’t overwhelm you by throwing everything in one post, nor will I be writing tons of details on each project.  Just the bare facts, ma’am, thank you very much.

First up, a quick and easy scarf:

Scarf made out of Darling Bud handspun yarn I bought at a Bust Craftacular years ago.  I used a one-row lace pattern I found through Knitting Daily:  Openwork Angora Scarf.

A quick and easy Morning Walk headband for the store out of Rowan’s Amy Butler Belle Aran.  I modified the decreases to be p3tog or k3tog, where appropriate, to match the increases a little better.  Let me know if you need more details and I can post them.

Pigtail Hat out of Dream in Color’s Groovy.  This was a pattern I picked up from Dream in Color at our industry trade show (TNNA) that was part of a yarn club they did last year.  I actually made this hat twice.  Once as a store sample and once for our church’s youth fundraiser auction.

I can’t believe these socks have sat unblogged for this long!  I love them so much I wear them every chance I get during our brief Southern California cold season.  They are my go-to comfy boot socks.  Knitting socks on double-pointed needles was driving me crazy, so I decided to try Cat Bordhi’s two-circular method.  I used her Simple Sock in Three Sizes pattern (from this book) and Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Gingerbread Dude (a seasonal colorway not available right now).  The combination of scrumptious yarn with Cat’s genius method made these one of my favorite knits ever.

That’s it for now.  I promise to be a more interesting and thoughtful blogger in the future.  Less of just showing off what I’ve made.  Of course, that’s after I make it through the backlog 🙂