Don’t understand?  Go here.  Or here.  Or if you want to see the first ever Linus blankie appearance, click here.  I just love Linus, don’t you?

It is my belief that all babies should have some sort of knit or crochet blanket made for them by a relative.  Whoever (whomever?, who knows?)  makes it, be it their mother, grandmother, or their knitty (and now crochet-y) aunt, should imbue that blanket with as much love into every stitch they possibly can.  Even if sometimes it feels like baby blanket purgatory (seriously, they take forever), the thought behind it is what matters.

It’s been a bumper crop for Pfister babies this year, so I’ve been churning the blankets out as fast as I can.  One nephew and two nieces and that doesn’t include my own baby.

Adam’s blanket

Garter Rib Baby Blanket

4 skeins of Berroco Comfort in 9804 Mixed Nuts

Layla’s blanket

Bird’s Nest Baby Throw (look, crochet!)

2 1/2 skeins each of Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in 098 Almond, 101 Strawberry, and 152 Espresso

Cecilia’s blanket

Sweet and Simple (from Leisure Arts #3219, Our Best Knit Baby Afghans)

4 skeins of Bernat Denim Style in 03426 Weathered Rose


I’m working on my little one’s blanket now, among other things for him, but have no plans to finish it before he gets here.  Which, if he arrives “on time,” is only three days away!